Write a paragraph of 150 words that explains your argument

Write a paragraph of 150 words that explains your argument

Write a paragraph of at least 200 words ( not counting the quotation) that focuses on one specific decision that a character makes in Sing Unburied, Sing. In your first post, state a reason why the character makes that decision and 1. RESEARCH ARGUMENT: Write a paragraph of 150 words that explains your argument for your research paper. This is the first draft of your thesis. You can focus on 1 character, or relationship, a theme, family structure of characters, or how language is used. Focus on the choices that characters make and the effect that those decisions have on the outcome of the text.

In your paragraph, remember to answer the questions:

“What am I proving about the text?

“What evidence from am I using to support my argument?”

2. Find a critical article online by clicking on the Library tab on the left. The critical article must be focused on literature and have an author. An anonymous website is unacceptable as a source.

A. The research source has an author (or authors).

B. The research source is literary. (FOCUSES ON HOW THE WORK IS WRITTEN, NOT THE SUBJECT )

C. The research source is scholarly. (It has been evaluated by scholars in the field of literature).

D. The research source is primary. (You have read the article or chapter completely

3. Research Source Write Up:

A. Write a citation for the source according to Modern Language Association (MLA) format.

(See The Little Seagull Handbook, MLA style, List of Works Cited , page 129, with examples pages 134-160)

B. Write a short paragraph (5-8 sentences) that summarizes the information in the article or chapter, or other source.

C. Write a short evaluation of the article: Was it clear? Was it a convincing argument? How will you use it as a source for your research paper?

What the consequence of that decision was. Choose 1 quote to support your argument.

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