Walden NURS6003 Week 1 Quiz Part 1

Question: Walden NURS6003 Week 1 Quiz Part 1.
Week 1 Quiz Part 1
Question 1 Students can always edit their posting
in Discussion.
Question 2 When will you lose access to your
completed courses (excluding this Student Readiness Orientation)?
Question 3 If you have a question about which
courses you should register for next term, who should you contact?
Question 4 Online students are expected to behave
with academic integrity and honesty.
Question 5 When you submit an assignment, when
should you have the assignment complete by on the day assigned?
Question 6 The online classroom area where you
can post an assignment and have your classmates and instructor respond to your
ideas is called:
Question 7 Who should you contact with questions
about online classroom technical concerns?
Question 8 Since your online classroom could
unexpectedly time out on occasion, what should you do before submitting a long
Discussion posting?
Question 9 Students should avoid referencing
Wikipedia as a scholarly resource in their assignments.
Question 10 In which area will you retrieve written
assignments with comments from your instructor?