Walden NURS6002 Quiz Week 1

Question 1: Walden NURS6002 Quiz Week 1.
As long as you save your work to your home computer’s hard drive, you are safe.
Question 2 When sending an e-mail to your Instructor or any
Walden staff, your e-mail should:
Question 3 Since your online classroom could unexpectedly
time out on occasion, what should you do before submitting a long Discussion
Question 4 Students can always edit their posting in
Question 5 When will you lose access to your completed
courses (excluding this Student Readiness Orientation)?
Question 6 Online students are expected to behave with academic
integrity and honesty.
Question 7 If you are having trouble accessing your online
classroom, what should you do first?
Question 8 In which area will you retrieve written
assignments with comments from your instructor?
Question 9 The online classroom area where you can post an
assignment and have your classmates and instructor respond to your ideas is
Question 10 When you submit an assignment, when should you
have the assignment complete by on the day assigned?