Walden NUR3020 Week 3 Discussion

Question: Walden NUR3020 Week 3 Discussion.
Discussion: It’s a Small, Small World.
Health conditions, including heart disease and respiratory
infections, have no borders. What happens in one part of the world has ripple
effects through the other parts, including the United States. Technology has
created an even smaller world, with nurses in instant contact and eager to
share information.
You and your Walden nursing colleagues live and work around
this shrinking professional world. Your nursing experience working with diverse
populations presents a rich opportunity to share your international health
perspectives. This exercise is a growth opportunity in terms of how we see
ourselves, the world, and how we interact with our patients during the health
interview and health assessment process.
Medical staffIn this week’s Discussion, your stories will
illustrate relevant social and cultural differences among yourselves and your
patients. The collective experience will expand your individual nursing
knowledge; improve upon our cultural humility and perspectives, in order to
foster social and culturally-sensitive health interviews and assessments. This,
in turn, contributes to safer and higher quality outcomes for your patients.
Consider how your sensitive care is expressed through choice of your words,
maintaining a distance that is culturally appropriate, and utilizing other
techniques to negotiate through established social and cultural values. This
leads to patient trust and comfort and a respectful nurse-patient relationship.
To Prepare
Review the Week 3 Discussion Rubric provided in the Course
Information area or accessible through the link below.
Review Chapters 8 and 18–20 in the course text.
Review the article “Many Faces: Addressing Diversity in
Health Care,” provided in this week’s Resources.
Review this week’s Writing Resources and Program Success
By Day 3
Post a substantive 2-paragraph response (at least 350 words)
to one of the options below. Develop and post cohesive paragraphs, and use evidence
to support your ideas.
Cohesive paragraphs
Complete one of the following options (Option One, Option
Two, or Option Three). Use the Discussion Rubric to develop your post.
Reflect on your reading from this week, and then address one
of the following:
Option One:
Describe an incident, or incidents, in your own nursing
practice in which you expressed social or cultural sensitivity in order to
elicit a competent health history or assessment. Explain the positive impact
your sensitivity had on patient care or collegial efficacy of patient care.
Option Two:
Describe a situation in which the absence of social or
cultural sensitivity adversely impacted patient care or collegial efficacy of
patient care. How could the situation been handled to produce a more positive
outcome during the health interview or assessment?
Option Three:
Describe one or more situations that illustrate social or
cultural humility, or insensitivity, among your colleagues in a manner that
fostered improved peer cooperation or efficacy of patient care or impeded such