This project represents an intra-organizational view

This project represents an intra-organizational view.

Basic assignment steps

a. You are the internal PM. Consider your salary cost too.

b. MQ Computing wants to establish the aforementioned ground floor 4 RPD teaching labs.

c. You as PM have some knowledge of the potential for PM in the cloud. 7 10 Your superiors (the CIO etc.) also have some knowledge of the cloud and PM in the cloud is new, but they have heard of it.

d. MQ Computing has only an 8 month timeframe to have their labs ready. e. MQ Computing has 1 PM (you), 6 Science IT staff (3rd floor 9WW), 2 office staff to help with admin. 8

f. You as PM can work out the budget – there is no correct answer here! What do you think it might cost over the 8 months?

g. Consider, as with any workplace, the above staffing is only partially dedicated to achieving the end goal of lab establishment in 8 months. You decide what fraction of time is spent by staff on this initiative!

h. This project represents an intra-organizational view of PM.

• You have an idea of the number of machines you require and a broad understanding of some of the software you might want installed.

• You know the staff available to you and they are all professional (not academic) staff at MQ. Staff salaries for professional staff are here. 9

• Let us assume a PM is a Higher Education Worker (HEW) level 9

• Your science IT staff are HEW 7

• Your office staff are HEW 5

• One way to work the payments out might be to work out an hourly rate of pay and multiple by the number of days per week and weeks per month your staff might be allocated to the lab.

• Please note – there is no correct answer here, just how well you explain yourself and why.

• You can be creative and Google some costings. Just state (write) in your assignment where you derived these.

• The more thorough/convincing/plausible your explanation is – the better.

Assignment Algorithm

1. Implement the above project scope (basic assignment steps) into MS Project (or appropriate PM software). You are free to modify the WBSs as you see appropriate . Please answer the following: –

• How long will your project take?

• How did you calculate this? (explain)

• Provide the critical path (e.g. figure 1 below) for your implementation.

• You may use the network diagram feature in MS Project (or equivalent) and modify/comment to illustrate your point, rather than redrawing from scratch.

• Provide a discussion of your approach – how did you arrive at your costings, timeframes, how staff were allocated and so on?

• Hint: higher grades tend to refer to sources of information 10  

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