Synthesis Paper US English Grammar

Synthesis Paper US English Grammar

Overview: Synthesis Paper

You have been reflecting on changes you have undergone since beginning this program in each of your Journal entries in this course. Now you will synthesize those reflections, plus any other insights into a paper articulating your RN to BSN educational journey. You will use your module Journal entries as well as examples from other RN BSN courses to construct the Synthesis paper.


Synthesis Paper in a reflective activity comprised of your experience in the RN BSN program.

You will address your experiences before the RN BSN program, you as a lifelong learner, you in the continuum of novice to expert in the professional nursing role, an account of your role transition to a professional nurse, and an evaluation of the program.

The Synthesis Paper will reflect your understanding and use of APA format and scholarly writing.


The following rubric will be used to grade the Synthesis Paper. The paper has 6 sections:


Before RN-BSN Program

Lifelong Learning

Novice to Expert

Synthesis of Role Transition to Professional Nursing


The paper must have title page, reference page, plus no more than 4 pages that address the 6 sections of the paper outlined in the grading rubric. So with the title page, 4 pages for the body of the paper, and the reference page, the Synthesis Paper must not be more than 6 total pages using 12-point Times Roman font.

The first 2 grading criteria noted in the rubric below apply to all sections of the paper. APA format, scholarly writing, grammar and spelling are graded in each section. Use Spell Check and Grammar Check!

In-text citations are required to support each section when you discuss the RN BSN courses or the program. Points will be deducted if this information is not detailed and referenced in the document and on the reference page. References need to be evidence-based if you choose to reference literature instead of information in RN BSN courses.



Study the rubric to determine the expectations for each section of the paper. Notice that you are required to cite at least one research article or specific RN-BSN course topic or activity for each section. Locate and record citations for articles you may want to reference, and skim the articles to review the contents. Create an outline that incorporates your main ideas into each section. Follow the outline and the rubric to write a rough draft. You may want to draft your paper by hand, or you might prefer to “type as you go,” editing and making changes both during and after writing the draft.

Your final document should include a title page, all 6 sections of the paper as identified in the grading rubric, and a reference page. Including title and reference pages the paper is not to exceed 6 pages. Part of scholarly writing is to be concise in your writing. The Coach is instructed to grade the title page, the first 4 pages of the body of the paper, and the reference page. If the Synthesis Paper is longer than 6 total pages points may be deducted based on grading rubric sections that were not addressed in the allotted 6 pages.

The title page should be formatted according to UT Arlington College of Nursing format or you may use the title page APA 6th Edition format.

Your writing should be in first person, and is expected to include opinions and personal statements, but have a professional tone. It should flow as a narrative, mostly chronological description your progression through the program including your reflections on specific nursing courses and reflections throughout the program.

Be sure to include a final page titled “References,” and cite your references in correct APA formats. Reference list will include any RN-BSN courses or activities in APA format.

Each section must contain 3-4 well constructed, grammatically correct sentences supported by citations and references (APA 6th Edition Format) as appropriate. Ensure that your writing is informative and interesting, not redundant.

After your write your paper, set it aside and review it again several hours later or the next day. Read it from an objective viewpoint to see if it flows and makes sense. If not, make necessary changes. Have someone else proofread your paper both for content and grammatical accuracy is a vital step. Read your paper out loud before submitting it. Hearing yourself read your own written words can find those last minute mistakes or incomplete thoughts before you submit the paper for grading.

Reflections Paper and Journal attached to provide background information.

Rubric attached to show how points will be awarded for information included in the paper.



Nursing Philosophy Reflections

Dera Ogudo

The University of Texas at Arlington

December 9, 2019

Nursing Philosophy Reflections

Every nurse dedicated to growing in her profession has a nursing philosophy that guides their current and future practice. I entered the nursing profession because I have always been drawn to caring for others. Born into a poor African family with many siblings, I learned early in how life that helping to provide others gave me joy and a sense of pride. It takes a selfless and compassionate person to be a nurse and I feel that I am the embodiment of those skills. As I am nearing the end of my BSN program, it is necessary to review my progress towards my earlier established goals and to evaluate whether my nursing philosophy is still relevant.

Career Plans

The first goal I focused on in my nursing philosophy was my two-year plan. My goal was to obtain my BSN and return to working in a hospital. I will be completing my BSN soon, about six months ahead of time. However, I no longer plan to return to working in the hospital. A few months ago, I opened my own home healthcare business. I want to use my personal experience to bridge the practice gaps that exist in this area. I already have a few employees who are well aware of my mission and have been helping me to reach my goals of delivery proficient care to our patient population.

The second goal discussed in my initial nursing philosophy was my five-year goal of getting involved in nursing research. This class has helped me achieve a portion of that goal as my capstone project led me to research alternative ways of treating bipolar disorder that could be used in combination with pharmaceutical regimens. My drive to participate in research is still strong and I have been collaborating with a nurse mentor in one of the local hospitals. My plan is to continue to work towards fulfilling my goal of being actively involved in research. Since creating that philosophy, my attitude towards research has grown as I know see it as a necessity for advanced practice nurses. Nurses need to be able to proactively engage in research opportunities to help further advance the field of nursing.

The last visionary aspect of my nursing philosophy is my 10-year goal of obtaining my doctorate degree in nursing. The initial goal is to get involved in nursing administration to change ineffective policies. While I have not yet thought of applying to nursing schools, I am now part of a nursing administration. I am my own administration. I have used a combination of ineffective policies from my previous experiences to shape my current policies for treating our patient population. My policies are direct, precise, and detailed and they put me in a position to train and guide other nursing staff.

Philosophy Changes

Over the course of my BSN program, my nursing philosophy has not significantly changed. I continue to value honest and trust in the nurse and patient relationship. As a case manager for hospice, when one of my patience requests something within the scope of my practice, I comply. One of my patients recently requested that I limit the hours in which his family visits him to give him optimal peace. Some of his family members weren’t too please with me doing so, but I respect the patient’s autonomy and it is my goal to ensure that I advocate for his needs. Furthermore, to give an example of the selfless and compassionate nature of nursing, I opened my own home healthcare business. It has been hectic and greatly interferes with my personal and professional life, but I am a fulfilling my goals of providing quality and safe care.

Life Long Learner

I feel that all medical professionals will always be life long learners. We constantly must adapt to the changing world around us. The same is true in medicine. There will be many advancements in the upcoming years and nurses must be ready to learn and implement the procedures that accompany these advancements. As long as I am practicing nursing, I will always be in a position that needs learning. I am a new business owner, so I am learning how to merge business and healthcare practicing needs. I am still also working as a case manager, where I openly advocate for the needs of my patients, no matter how difficult the request is.

Overall, my nursing philosophy has grown rather than changed. I have had more experiences to shape my nursing practice and my current knowledge level. I plant to continue to learn as much as I can to help improve the quality of care that I deliver to my patients.

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Synthesis Paper US English Grammar

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Synthesis Paper US English Grammar

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