PSYR8340 Walden Legal and Ethical Considerations Case Study Discussion

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PSYR8340 Walden Legal and Ethical Considerations Case Study Discussion

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Ethical and legal considerations are  important in the field of  psychology. This certainly holds true for the area of  psychological  assessment. Understanding the ethical codes and federal and state  laws  that apply to psychological testing and assessment is essential to the   psychology profession, because these codes and laws protect both you and  your  clients.

To prepare for this Discussion, select one of the  case studies in  the document “Week 3 Case Studies” from this week’s Learning  Resources  and consider the ethical and/or legal considerations related to   psychological assessment it presents.

Post by Day 4 a description of the  ethical and/or legal consideration(s)  evidenced in your selected case  study. Explain the implications of each and describe  how one might  address each consideration. Note any ethical standards and  federal  and/or state laws involved.PSYC 8340: Cognitive Assessment Week 3 Case Studies Case Study 1 In a midsize, urban community, Dr. Larry Smithen is a psychologist in a thriving private practice. He specializes in adult cognitive assessment. He recently received a request to assess a 13-year-old for possible acceptance to a federally funded gifted and talented school program (Dr. Smithen ad his practice colleagues are major contributors to the school’s performing arts program). He has accepted, figuring that a 13-year-old is almost an adult. He gives the WAIS-IV but omits some of the subtests. He reports verbal and performance IQ scores but does not indicate that he omitted some subtests. He does not include the profile/summary sheet with his report. Case Study 2 Dr. Sheila Itest is a school psychologist who sees several students each day for testing. She has recently acquired computer software that will allow her to generate a computerized report. Dr. Itest is thrilled because the software proves to be accurate and reliable, and it saves her a great deal of time. Many of her colleagues also use and like the software. Since Dr. Itest began using the computer software, she uses the computer-generated report from one test as her sole report and does not integrate the test results with any other data obtained during the assessment process. Case Study 3 Mr. and Mrs. Alexandrov emigrated from Russia with their four children 15 years ago. Tatiana, their 17-year-old daughter, is a junior in high school. She has begun to have trouble in school, and her grades are slipping. She is typically a straight “A” student. Mr. and Mrs. Alexandrov ask their neighbor, a psychologist, for help. Tatiana is scheduled to take an achievement test in a few weeks, and the Alexandrovs want their neighbor to give Tatiana the test so that she can practice. They are concerned that if Tatiana does not do well, she will not get into her advanced placement classes senior year. Case Study 4 Bill Murston worked for the FBI as an accountant. He had to take time off work because he was having respiratory problems that were related to his alcoholism. As a result of his problems, Bill missed a considerable amount of work. In response to an official request for information regarding his continued absences, Bill’s psychologist revealed that Bill had a drinking problem (despite Bill’s objection in revealing the information). Bill was fired from his job. Case Study 5 Chase Knotting was a patient who had been seen in 2003 by Dr. David Miller, a psychiatrist. In 2008, Chase was about to remarry, and his fiancée’s father asked a psychologist friend, Dr. Saul Leventhal, to write Dr. Miller to find out about his soon-tobe son-in-law. Dr. Leventhal wrote to Miller stating specifically that he was requesting © 2012 Laureate Education, Inc. 1 information in order to advise and apprise a concerned future father-in-law. Dr. Miller’s response letter indicated that Chase had been diagnosed as a “manic-depressive with psychotic features.” Dr. Miller went on to write that his advice to the bride-to-be was to “run as fast and as far as she could away from this man . . . of course, if he didn’t marry her, he would marry some other poor girl and make her life hell.” Case Study 6 Toni Merde, the director of a Department of Social Services in a North Carolina county, has requested the court authorize the sterilization of a minor, who, according to a psychological report, has a full-scale IQ score under 40. Case Study 7 Mark Perry is a doctoral student in clinical psychology. He is currently doing his practicum at a community mental health agency. Periodically, the social workers at the agency ask him to “interpret” psychological tests they have given to clients. They know Mark has had courses in assessment and trust his judgment. The social workers also say this enables him to “practice” his interpretation skills. Reference: Readings for This Week • • Sattler, J. M. (2018). Assessment of children: Cognitive foundations and applications (6th ed.). La Mesa, CA: Jerome M. Sattler, Publisher, Inc.. o Chapter 3, “Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues” (pp. 59-89) American Psychological Association (2012). Ethical principles of psychologists and code of conduct: Including 2010 amendments. Washington, DC: Author. Retrieved from © 2012 Laureate Education, Inc. 2

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PSYR8340 Walden Legal and Ethical Considerations Case Study Discussion

PSYR8340 Walden Legal and Ethical Considerations Case Study Discussion

PSYR8340 Walden Legal and Ethical Considerations Case Study Discussion

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