PICOT question and assignment details below, please read entire document

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PICOT question and assignment details below, please read entire document





Professor and class,

The approved systematic review I decided to go with discharge plans to prevent hospital readmission for acute exacerbation in children with chronic respiratory illness.

Question: How does discharge planning affect children diagnosed with chronic respiratory illness, re hospitalization rates in a 60 day period?

P- Children diagnosed with chronic respiratory illness.

I- Detailed discharge planning upon initial hospitalization period.

C- No discharge teaching during initial hospitalization.

O- Re hospitalization within 60 days period.

T- Time 60 days.

In the past year the home health agency that I’m currently employed was granted permission to start providing services for pediatric patients. Within this population we serve the vast majority suffer from chronic respiratory diseases. The clients diagnosis include tracheostomy, ventilator dependency and oxygen dependency. A trend observed among several patients is re hospitalizations for the same diagnosis within a few months. Even though discharge instructions is provided via paper documentation no formal teaching is completed per parents verbalization during the hospitalization period. My view of the lack of education / teaching is due to the diagnosis being chronic, discharge planners may assume parents are knowledgeable. Tools that I utilize during the teaching period are reinforcement of disease process is certainly required to prevent re hospitalizations of chronic respiratory illness patients. Detail sign and symptoms to monitor on a daily basis along with vital signs parameters as a guide. The importance to report change in condition to MD immediately in order not to delay early intervention preventing hospitalization. Furthermore new and improved treatments can help with managing chronic respiratory diseases at home. Documenting daily activities can assist in assessing when change in condition initially occurred. The RN assessment following hospitalization reveals parents / guardians require detail teaching and reinforcement of caring for children diagnosed with chronic respiratory diseases at home. Adherence to medications, follow up with specialist, infection control methods and precautions are always provided upon my assessment in efforts to prevent re hospitalization.

Research gap is when inadequate data retricts potential to attain a conclusive resolution to proposed evidence based questions. ( Elsevier, 2013). Gap happens between current data and immediate day to day clinical practice.


Chamberlain College of Nursing. (2018). NR-451 Week 2: Characteristics of Nursing Practice [Online Lesson]. Downers Grove, IL.

Elsevier B. V ( 2013). The theory-practice gap and skill acquisition : Collegian, Volume 18, Issue 2, PP 93-98.

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This is the original question the assignment should be based on, included is the professors response to the question. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BELOW.

Week 3: Capstone Project: Milestone 1: Practice Issue and Evidence Summary Worksheet (graded)

Submit Assignment

  • Due Sunday by 11:59pm
  • Points 175
  • Submitting a file upload

Capstone Project Milestone 1: Practice Issue and Evidence Summary Guidelines

Updated 11/14/2017


Clear identification of the practice issue is the first step in evidence-based nursing. Next, the evidence is reviewed to determine the best intervention to change practice outcomes. Completion of the milestone will include identification of the practice issue using the ACE Star Model of Knowledge Transformation and a review of the evidence that will support an intervention that will change outcomes. The evidence summary will be conducted through the ‘breaking down’ of a systematic review on your topic for your change project.

Course Outcomes

This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

  • CO4: Develops and outlines a scientific, systematic decision-making process to integrate critical thinking with clinical judgment to assure safe and effective outcomes. (PO4)
  • CO8: Selects evidence for best practice when planning professional nursing care for individuals, families, aggregates, and communities. (PO8)

Due Dates

Milestone 1 consists of the completion of ONE form with two worksheets called the Practice Issue and Evidence Summary Worksheets. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Complete both worksheets and submit the form by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. MT at the end of Week 3.


Milestone 1 is worth 175 points (75 points for the Practice Issue and 100 points for the Evidence Summary).

Practice Issue Worksheet Directions

  1. A tutorial with tips for completing this assignment may be viewed at https://atge.webex.com/atge/ldr.php?RCID=4905b26a67572323c11b839e3251c96a (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
  2. Choose the ONE systematic review topic that is of most interest to you, or most relevant to your practice situation, from the List of Approved Systematic Reviews (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..
  3. Follow the grading criteria below to formulate your practice issue, which must be based on the topic of the systematic review you have selected. THE ONE I SELECTED IS ABOVE.
  4. Use the worksheet to document the practice issue presented and approved by your instructor in the Week 2 Discussions.
  5. Your practice issue will be the same for all three Milestone assignments in this course.
  6. Please type your answers directly into the worksheet.

Evidence Summary Worksheet Directions

  1. Develop an evidence summary by following the grading criteria below.
  2. Document this on the evidence summary portion of the worksheet.
  3. You will use this worksheet to incorporate your evidence summary into your Week 4 Milestone 2 assignment.
  4. Please type your answers directly into the worksheet.

**Academic Integrity Reminder**

Chamberlain College of Nursing values honesty and integrity. All students should be aware of the Academic Integrity policy and follow it in all discussions and assignments.

By submitting this assignment, I pledge on my honor that all content contained is my own original work except as quoted and cited appropriately. I have not received any unauthorized assistance on this assignment.

Please see the grading criteria and rubrics on this page.

NOTE: Please use your browser’s File setting to save or print this page

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