Personality Type & Theory

Career Choice Reflection

Using Holland’s Theory of Career Choice, determine which two of Holland’s six Personality Type & Theory best represent your personality and then answer the following questions:

1. List the two Personality Type & Theory characteristics or categories that best represent your personality and explain why you selected these two (3 to 4 sentences).

2. Which of the jobs/careers that are listed for each of these two personality typeswould you be most interested in exploring? Why did you select these particular careers? (3 to 4 sentences)

3. How do your answers to the two previous questions match with your current career goals? (3 to 4 sentences)

4. What will you need to do reach your current career goal? (3 to 4 sentences)

PLEASE NOTE: To detect plagiarism and cheating in this course, all student papers will be reviewed through the software program, Turn-it-In located in WebCampus. A “similarity” score should be under 20%. The number of direct quotes within an assignment (despite being accurately cited) will be strictly limited and will be listed in the assignment grading rubric. Please check the Q &A post on Canvas if you have any questions.

. (10%) Resources used as rationale for approaches and as sources of content
(5%) At least one journal article relevant to the case is used as a reference
(5%) At least one textbook is used as a reference

_____ 5. (20%) write paper in a scholarly manner
(4%) Format includes title page, body of paper, & reference page, with pages numbered

APA style
(4%) Limit the paper to 4 pages in length, which includes title page and reference page
(4%) Cite references in the paper according to APA style
(4%) list References on the reference page according to APA style
(4%) Grammar, language, spelling, and sentence structure are at a college writing level

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