NURS693 week 7 discussion latest 2018 july

NURS693 week 7 discussion latest.

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Week 7 discussion

All research projects are based around variables, which are
essentially the characteristics of an individual, group, or the environment
that is of interest in a research study. Variables can be straightforward and
measurable (e.g., gender, age, amounts, funding). Variables can also be complex
(e.g., socioeconomic status of a group, attitudes toward a topic, aspects of a
system). Now that your research topic has been identified and you have reviewed
the overall literature and constructed your framework, you should identify the
key variables of interest. In the discussion board this week, free write a list
of variables that revolve around and within your topic of study. Are there
variables that are of particular interest or focus in your study? Can you
narrow your study down based on your list of variables? Is there anything you
need to do to narrow your scope of research and your research questions?