NURS693 week 6 discussion (DQ1+DQ2) latest 2018 july

NURS693 week 6 discussion (DQ1+DQ2).

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Week 6 discussion

DQ1 Although you are not implementing your project at this
point and conducting studies with human participants, IRB is an important step
in research. State the required components one should look for in a project to
determine if IRB submission is needed. Discuss an example of a research study
found in one of your literature review articles that needed IRB approval.
Specifically, describe why IRB approval was needed in this instance.

DQ2 Visit the Yale Center for Bioethics Cases in Research
Ethics website. Choose one of the three cases below to read and respond to in
this week’s discussion. Be sure to read the background of the study, the
ethical and regulatory issues raised by the IRB, and the comments presented at
the end of each case.

Choose from one of these three cases:

Case 1: Payments to subjects who are substance abusers

Case 5: Reasonable right to privacy for patients accessing
hospital services

Case 6: An ethnographic study of homeless adolescents

Address the following in your response:

Identify the key ethical issues that are questioned in this
case and the category of risk: physical, psychological, social, or economic

Do you feel the level of questioning and concern by the IRB
was appropriate? Were you surprised by any of the IRB’s decisions? Explain.

Identify a risk or red flag in this study that you may not
have considered on your own prior to reading this study.

Present a new perspective you gained about the IRB, the type
of study you read about, the ethics involved, or human subject research

In your replies to peers, respond to at least one peer who
chose a different study.