NUR4837 Unit 4 Assignment Final Assignment

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NUR4837 Healthcare Policy, Advocacy, and the Political Process. Unit 4 Assignment Final Assignment

Emerging Infectious Diseases

select an emerging infectious disease that is of concern in your community and
answer the following questions in a scholarly paper:

1. Name the
disease, its cause, and how it is transmitted -include citation that supports

2. What is
the surveillance process and reporting mechanism? -include citation that
supports information

3. Are all
areas of the community equally at risk? -include citation that supports

4. What are
the public health policies pertaining to the disease? -include citation that
supports information

5. How is
the community involved in prevention, marketing information, and teaching?
-include citation that supports information

6. If you
were employed in an acute care setting, what are the implications for practice?
-include citation that supports information

7. What
changes would you suggest in public health policy or procedure to address the
issue?- -include citation that supports information

scholarly paper should include:

The paper
format should be approx. 3-5 pages (not
incl. title page, reference list), APA 6th Ed. formatted

Include at
least three scholarly sources, no older than 4 yrs. (at least one needs to be a
peer reviewed journal)

Prepare a
reference list of all resources and websites used in your research using APA
6th ed guidelines (please note: IF you include them in your reference list, you
must cite the source in your paper) ~ No abstract needed

Limit of
1-2 direct quotations per paper

should be a paraphrase of of the information with a properly formatted citation
at the end example: (Steury, 2019).

If you copy
and paste text without quotations and a proper citation it is considered

I will not
look at your paper if your TurnItIn report is above 30% (if your report is
above 30% fix it before the due date and resubmit it)