NR 228 DeVry Unit 5 Discussion 2 Latest

NR 228 DeVry Unit 5 Discussion 2 Latest.

Personal Food Diary (graded, 25 points)

In Units 1, 3, 5, and 7, you will be posting a 24-hour food and activity diary. The purpose of this discussion is to help explore your own dietary habits and assess eating behaviors. Using, you will be able to observe a snapshot of your personal behaviors. Each unit will have a different focus on specific nutritional concepts. In addition to your initial post of the food and activity diary, you will examine one other student’s diary from a nursing perspective and offer feedback on ways to promote healthy living.

In Unit 5, you will review your vitamin and mineral intake through Again, this unit you will look at your activity level and how your 24-hour diary compares to your RDA.