NIU NURS307 Physical Exam Competency-1 Documentation Submission

NIU NURS307 Physical Exam Competency-1 Documentation

Phy_Exam_Competency_Documentation.docx (13.48 KB)

Here is an example of documentation for your
competencies. Include all parts on one
word document for that week. This only
includes general and thorax as an example.
You would also include the cardiac component. This is a narrative documentation. I am looking for your to paint a picture of
your assessment in a concise and thorough manner. Be sure to utilize the correct terminology.
Remember that in documentation you do not need full sentences, so do not
write….patient is alert and oriented……

You are required to demonstrate competency in the physical
assessment techniques. You also are
required to accurately document your physical assessment findings. These two requirements are worth 70% of your
grade. You will find the specific
guidelines for these two requirements on the course blackboard. You will be required to video record yourself
performing the various assessments and submitting them on blackboard.