NIU NURS304 discussion 2

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NIU NURS304 discussion 2

You only need to post an initial response to one of the
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Option 1: In the
following scenario, discuss the developmental, age, socioeconomic and
cross-cultural considerations that should be considered during the gathering of
the subjective and objective data and the provision of health care. Discuss the findings presented. Is there additional information / assessments
you would like to know prior to making a clinical judgment?

It is December in a northern state. S.A. has brought her two children, ages 3 and
5 years, to the health clinic for the first time. She states that she recently emigrated from
India. She is wearing a sari with a
light coat, and each child is wearing a light jacket. Interaction between parent and children is
appropriate. The children both fall at
the 4th percentile for both height and weight.
Overall, nutrition status appears to be satisfactory.

Option 2: S.P. is a
75-year-old female who presents to the provider’s office with fatigue. Subjective data includes: PMH – hypertension, hyperlipidemia, MI 3
years ago; fatigue started about a month ago, getting worse; relieved with
rest, exacerbated with activity; denies chest pain, ankles swollen. The Objective data includes: Vital signs T 98.3, P 112, R 18, BP 110/54;
Lungs – bilateral lower lobe crackles anterior and posterior; O2 sat = 94% on
RA; Skin is cool to touch; CV- heart rate regular, positive peripheral pulses,
ECG=no changes, +2 edema bilateral ankles; Medications include Metoprolol
20mg/day and Aspirin 325mg per day.

1. What other
questions should the nurse ask about the fatigue?

2. What other
assessments are necessary for this patient?

3. Based on the
readings, what is the most likely cause of fatigue for this patient?