Multidimensional Care and Maternal Care Child

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Multidimensional Care and Maternal Care Child

Multidimensional Care and Maternal Care Child

These are the disorders we have;

Stable Angina

Acute Coronary Syndrome (MI and unstabe angina)

Cardiac tamponade

Atrial Fib



Below is just a brief explanation. Determining levels of safety from an infant to an adolescent. Assessing the status and developmental capabilities of the children can greatly affect the decision-making on the final safety protocols to be implemented in a healthcare setting.

Step-by-step explanation

By knowing the developmental stage of the involved population, can determine the level of safety we should implement.

Nursing diagnosis No. 1:

Check the coping abilities of each individual. Rationale: Assessing their coping abilities determines their level of cooperation.

Nursing Diagnosis 2:

Provide medical identification bracelets for patients at risk for injury or other medical disorders.


Signs are vital for patients at risk for injury. Healthcare providers need to acknowledge who has the condition for they are responsible for implementing actions to promote patient safety.

Healthcare coverage programs

Medicare and Medicaid are U.S government-sponsored programs funded by taxpayer money. Medicare mainly focuses on providing medical coverage for seniors and people with disabilities. On the other hand, Medicaid is a federal and state program aimed at people with low income. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 expanded the Medicaid benefits to a high number of Americans. Also, the CARES Act extended both Medicare and Medicaid due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therapeutic misconception

It is an ethical problem where the research subject fails to distinguish between goals of clinical research and normal treatment, thus assumes therapeutic intent in research protocols.

Informed consent and use of biospecimens

Biospecimens are a very important part of both clinical and research settings. The collection, storage, and use of these biospecimens require consent, and recently a broad consent approach is being followed in the regulatory process for research with biospecimens.

Healthcare fraud

It includes drug fraud, insurance fraud, medical fraud. It includes false claims to healthcare programs, purposely inflating medical costs to gain higher profits, and employing unnecessary procedures and tests.

Professional License and Certificate Abuse

When a doctor/nurse/therapist involves in misconduct, insurance fraud, substance abuse, shows repeated incidents of gross negligence and incompetence, the State professionals licensing broads interferes and acts to discipline the concerned healthcare practitioner.

Electronic Health Records

In this electronic age, having all the health records of a patient in one place is a convenient and easy option for both doctors and patients. But there is a concern for the security and privacy of these records, and that is why the HIPAA employed various methods for their protection, like 1. ONC-ATCB certification — given by the federal government if a specific EHR system meets all the necessary requirements. 2. Password protection — EHR systems offer complex password requirements with two-factor authentication for an extra layer of safety. 3. Audit trails — helps in tracking every action taken with patients’ information such that suspicious activities can be monitored. 4. Data encryption — this helps in coding information such that only authorized users can access it.

Bias in healthcare delivery

Unconscious bias stems from stereotypes and prejudices deeply rooted in one’s brain. But one can try and overcome this to provide equal care to every patient. As a health care provider, one should recognize the stereotypical thinking, and replace those assumptions. The practitioner should understand every single patient individually, explore a new standpoint and increase chances for positive interactions.

Emerging Infectious Diseases

In the view of the pandemic, one could think of various other new emerging diseases. These diseases have various contributing factors such as microbial adaptation, anti-microbial resistance, climate and weather, poverty, famine, social inequality, human demographics, lack of health care measures, international travel, etc. According to the 2015 WHO workshop the most important emerging infectious diseases are, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, Filovirus diseases (Ebola and Marburg), Coronavirus disease, Lassa fever, Nipah virus infection, and Rift Valley fever. Effective public health measures in preventing these diseases are the best way to counteract this ever-changing threat of infectious diseases.

International readiness and response

An infectious disease outbreak is a public health emergency of international concern. There are various aspects of dealing with emergencies and proper plans and countermeasures should be in place to deal with a problem. Appropriate skills, knowledge, equipment, and funds should be coordinated effectively such that everything and everyone reaches a place where their skills are required. Unpreparedness could not only lead to increased transmission of disease but can collapse the economy of the country leaving millions without jobs and homes, it has a disastrous impact on families, communities, and societies.

Clean water and sanitation and maternal and newborn health

Providing clean water and sanitary measures is a basic goal of public health, because it is the most basic need, and lack of proper safety leads to many infectious diseases.

Maternal and newborn health is still a big concern in many underdeveloped and developing countries, therefore various strategies being employed to counteract it.

Undernutrition and Poverty

Kwashiorkor and Marasmus are two of the most common diseases caused by undernutrition. Kwashiorkor is a protein deficiency disease leading to swelling of hands, feet, and face along with characteristic changes in skin and hair. Marasmus is due to protein and calorie deficiency. It leads to loss of weight, fat depletion, and muscle wasting.

Various healthcare programs are being employed to deal with poverty, hunger, malnutrition, and undernutrition.

Future of Healthcare

Patient-centric treatment should be the main focus of healthcare providers. Along with that, even the general population should be more aware of various diseases and preventive measures against those diseases. Emphasis should be put to educate the population on lifestyle habits, health choices, food varieties so that one can take an informed decision and be more aware of one’s health.

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