MKT 270 Week 8 Assignment | southern-new-hampshire-university

MKT 270 Week 8 Assignment | southern-new-hampshire-university.


Salespeople today have numerous tools they can use to manage their sales activities and customer information. Some of the best-known personal sales management software includes Sage ACT, GoldMine, QuickBase, and Chaos Intellect.

Do an online search for “sales management software.” Select at least three programs, watch their sales videos, and read about their features and benefits. If you wish, you can download and use a trial version for a closer look at the programs.

In a short paper, write a brief review of the three programs. Discuss what you see as the pros and cons of each one and how you think it might help you better manage your sales activities and customers/prospects.

Read online reviews by software and sales experts about what they think of the programs and what they recommend. How do their recommendations differ from yours?

For additional details, please refer to the Short Paper/Case Study Rubric document.