MKT 270 Week 7 Discussion | southern-new-hampshire-university

MKT 270 Week 7 Discussion | southern-new-hampshire-university.

7-1 Discussion: Ethical Gray Areas

Salespeople frequently face ethical gray areas—that is, behaviors that are not clearly unethical but might be under certain circumstances. In your initial discussion post, consider at least three of the following issues and discuss why you feel these could be unethical:

  1. Under-informing—failing to convey information that might be important to a customer for fear he or she will not place the order
  2. Overpromising—telling the customer a product or service will be delivered by a certain date when it is not likely that the delivery date will be met
  3. Buying orders—lavishing gifts and entertainment on a customer in order to make the sale or achieve larger orders
  4. Overselling—selling a customer more product or services than he/she or the company needs

In response to your classmates, share an opposing perspective.