MKT 270 Week 7 Assignment | southern-new-hampshire-university

MKT 270 Week 7 Assignment | southern-new-hampshire-university


1.       Present sales concepts and analysis. [MKT-270-04]

a. Describe the differences in selling characteristics between B2B and B2C selling.

b. Identify the three types of B2B buyers and differentiate between B2C and B2B buying decisions.

c. Outline the six types of closes or methods for obtaining commitment. For each method, share an example of what you would say.

2. Use the selling process to effectively adapt to a sales situation [MKT-270-05]

a. Explain how the buying and selling processes are evolving.

 b. Describe four strategies to handle objections and discuss how you would handle each one.

c. Outline the four stages of SPIN selling and provide an example question for each stage.

3. Choose one of the following products and describe at least two ways in which the product is sold differently to businesses vs. consumers. [MKT-270-04]

1. Apple iPhone

2. Nike Air Max Shoes

 3. Sphero Bolt

4. Starbucks House Blend Coffee

5. Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam

Complete the final exam.

Refer to the Final Exam and Rubric document for directions and evaluation criteria. Submit your completed exam here.