Kesier Pathophysiology NUR3126 Week 3 assignment Teaching Plan Assignment

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Kesier Pathophysiology NUR3126 Week 3 assignment Teaching Plan Assignment

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Patient education goes hand-in-hand with improved patient
outcomes and quality of life. Educating the patient is an integral part of the
nurse’s role in patient care. In order to ensure the success of the patient
teaching plan, the processes involved in developing a nursing patient teaching
plan should be centered around the patient and inclusive of the family.


Patient Assessment

This step requires the analysis and organization of
information about the patient. Determine the patient’s level of understanding
about her disease, injury or condition.

Use the information gathered about the patient to judge how
well she will be able to understand and apply what is taught to her.

Be sure to factor in cultural considerations that are
specific to that patient such as ethnicity and religion. It will be necessary
to factor in any information you have about the patient’s level of development
as well. It may be necessary for the nurse to motivate the patient in order for
her to learn. Ability to learn is affected if the patient is too tired, in
pain, upset or distracted.


Formulate patient goals. Take the patient and the family’s
point of view into consideration, as their input will have an effect on their
outcomes. Patient outcomes and motivation are directly associated with the
amount of input they have in determining their goals. The goals must be
realistic and able to be achieved by the patient.

Identify how the teaching plan will be carried out.
Implement the plan according the patient’s learning style (audio, visual, or
kinetic) as opposed to the nurse’s teaching style.

Develop nursing goals based on desired health outcomes. They
should be patient-centered and based on health outcomes for the patient’s
health status and quality of life.

Determine Method of Implementation

The method of implementation of the nursing patient teaching
plan should be specific to the patient’s learning style and desired outcomes
that were identified.

Prepare to document patient responses and level of
understanding as the nurse perceives them while the teaching plan is

Prepare to document any other relevant information that will
assist with the evaluation of learning.

Formulate Evaluation Process

An evaluation process will need to be formed in order to
assess patient outcomes. The following specific elements of patient learning
will need to be evaluated: patient knowledge, behavior, attitude, and skills.
The evaluation should include a review of the documentation that details
patient responses and level of understanding that were recorded during the
implementation steps.

The evaluation plan should include observations of the
family’s understanding of what will be required of them for the patient to
achieve desired outcomes.

The last key element of the evaluation plan is the nurse’s
recommendation for follow-up procedures to be used in the event that the
patient’s learning was not sufficient to produce desired outcomes.