Individual Assignment Brief

Individual Assignment Brief.

Assignment Details: 

In this task, the student should show an understanding of some of the core literature and content for the following: “The way of treating Uncertainty in Risk Assessment.”

The evaluation criteria for this task will focus on the following criteria:

Readability: Is the language used good enough to make proper reading possible? Is it easy to follow and understand the arguments in the report? Is the report logically consistent?

Formalities: Are the instruction provided followed, e.g., length of the report. Are references and citations provided in the report?

Understanding: Is a good understanding of the selected research papers demonstrated in the report? Are the main important points of the research papers highlighted?

Own reflections: Does the paper include your reasoning, reflections, and analysis related to the selected research papers? Are the conclusions drawn well-founded (based on explicit and good arguments?)

Part B – 50% – Scenario-based Preliminary Risk Assessment. 


You are required to conduct a Preliminary Risk Assessment for a proposed Gasoline storage facility in case of a potential spillage. As illustrated in figure 1, a Gasoline storage facility is proposed. Each tank would contain 5000 US gallons of Gasoline.

Guidelines for Part B:

➢ Identification and description of the risk scenario using the Preliminary Risk Assessment Method.

➢ You can make reasonable assumptions for the report’s preparation; however, all of your assumptions must be justified in the submission report.

➢ Discuss the considerable Fire Prevention and Protection Measures to be provided in Gasoline Storage Facility. (Refer NFPA/API/BS/OSHA).

➢ You are required to provide significant suggestions based on the obtained results to prevent such disasters event.

➢ Conclusion.

➢ References.

The word limit is 2500 to 3000 words (+/-10%) for the assignment excludes references and footnotes but includes quotations. The word count must be printed on the top righthand corner of your work.


• You must answer the question set

• You must keep to the word limit

• You must demonstrate that you have met the learning outcomes

• As you construct and present your work, consider the assessment criteria

Presentation Instructions

It is your responsibility to ensure that your work is neatly and accurately presented.

The work must be:

❖ Word-processed

❖ Single-sided

❖ 1.5 or double line spaced

❖ Ariel 12-point font

❖ Justified

❖ Page numbered

❖ On A4 paper

❖ Margins left and right 3cm

❖ Attached to a cover sheet

Marks may be deducted for failure to follow these instructions. Please look at the Student Guide to Assessment for more information.


All academic writing must be referenced. If you use other people’s ideas without referencing them, you are plagiarizing their work.

Use the Harvard system of referencing within your text. This will take the form: surname, year of publication, page number, and is enclosed within brackets, for example (Bradley 1998, 277). At the end of your essay, you should provide an alphabetical list of all the works you cite


Copying from another person’s works (including Internet sources) constitutes plagiarism, an offense within the University’s regulations. Brief quotations from the published or unpublished works of another person, suitably attributed, are acceptable. You must always use your own words except when using properly referenced quotations.

This assessment will test your ability to meet the learning outcomes as described in your module booklet, specifically:

1. Employ a range of qualitative and quantitative methods for application to risk assessment

2. Critically evaluate a risk assessment

3. Perform the optimum allocation of resources in a risk management plan informed by risk assessment

4. Assess relevant documents and communicate the essential and vital points 

Assessment Criteria