GCU UNV103 Full Course

GCU UNV103 Full Course

GCU UNV103 Full Course

DQ1 What
university or instructor resources would be helpful for you to be a successful
student at GCU? Explain how they will be effective, be specific.

DQ2 Take a
moment to think about time management. How does procrastination affect your
time management? Read the article, “Crux of Time Management for Students,”
paying attention to the section on procrastination (pages 79-81), what plans do
you have to be proactive in completing work and meeting deadlines?



Bast, F.
(2016). Crux of time management for students. Resonance: Journal of Science
Education, 2016(1), 71-88. doi: 10.1007/s12045-016-0296-6

UNV103 University Success

Week 2 Discussion

DQ1 After
reviewing the “Topic 2 Resource” document located in Topic Materials,
explain the following:

relationship between the topic objectives, the assignment, and the rubric. How
is each component important to completing an assignment?

What are
some strategies you have learned from the readings and in this course so far,
that will help you complete your assignments, both accurately and efficiently?

DQ2 After
reading the “UNV Title IX” document, answer the following question:
What is Title IX and how does it impact you as a student?

UNV103 University Success

Week 3 Discussion

DQ1 Do you
know GCU offers free tutoring for online students? Use the following link (https://students.gcu.edu/student-resources/institutional-effectiveness/gcu-learning-lounge.php
) to describe the benefits of the Learning Lounge and the definition of a LEAD.

List three
ways a LEAD can help you with your assignments, and describe one in detail.

additional resources did you find within the Learning Lounge to help you in
your academic journey here at GCU?

DQ2 The
“Time Management and Study Skills” essay in Chapter 4 of your eBook
discusses various tips to help you manage and organize your time better and put
the most effort into your studying.

Which of
these have you had the most problems with in the past, and how do you intend to
address these?

UNV103 University Success

Week 4 Discussion

DQ1 Academic
relationships are critical to your success at GCU. These relationships include
faculty members, student service counselors, and student engagement. After
reviewing the week’s resources, how would these relationships be important to
your success? Please provide specific examples of relationships you plan to
develop and why.

DQ2 Support
groups are especially important when transitioning into the higher education
environment. What support system(s) do you currently have in place? What
support groups are available to you at home/community? If you currently do not
have a support system(s) or group(s), how will you create a support group that
best reflects you, and your academic and personal wellness support needs?

UNV103 University Success

Week 5 Discussion

DQ1 What
happens if you do not pass a class? What are your financial responsibilities
when you drop a class or fail a class? What do you have as a backup plan?

DQ2 Please
read the article “Make a Plan to Manage Personal Finances” by Michael Scheibach
found in the Course Materials. This article lists 10 money saving strategies.
Choose three of these strategies and discuss how they will help your personal
budget? What additional tips or budgeting strategies do you use that were not
mentioned in this article?

UNV103 University Success

Week 6 Discussion

DQ1 After
reading Chapter 6 in the textbook. What is scholarly research? What has been
your previous experience using scholarly research? Why is it important to use
in an academic setting?

DQ2 The
General Education Competencies are derived from the GCU Mission, and are
designed to be a guide of general education skills students should gain while
attending GCU.

Review the
General Education Competency list in Topic Material. Choose which competencies
you think relate best to the GCU Mission. How will these competencies lead to
your success as a student and beyond?

GCU General
Education Competencies


who complete GCU’s General Education requirements will be able to demonstrate
competency in the areas of academic skills and self-leadership? articulate the
range of resources available to assist them? explore career options related to
their area of study? and have knowledge of Grand Canyon’s community.

• Demonstrate foundational academic
success skills.

• Explore GCU resources (CLA,
library, Career center, ADA office, etc.).

• Articulate strategies of
self-leadership and self-management.

• Recognize Oopportunities to engage
in the GCU community.


who complete GCU’s General Education requirements will be able to construct
rhetorically effective communications appropriate to diverse audiences,
purposes, and occasions.

• Construct logical, cohesive, and
persuasive arguments.

• Locate, verify, evaluate, and
correctly cite print and electronic resources.

• Exhibit proficiency in Standard
American English for academic purposes.

• Demonstrate knowledge of the power
and ethical ramifications of language choice and communication style.


who complete GCU’s General Education requirements will be able to use various
analytic and problem-solving skills to examine, evaluate, and/or challenge
ideas and arguments.

• Demonstrate clarity and logic in
asking relevant questions and acquiring knowledge.

• Apply appropriate critical inquiry
strategies (e.g., Inductive and deductive reasoning, analysis, evaluation, and
synthesis) to issues and questions.

• Make Informed decisions based on
historical, current, reliable, and valid information.

Awareness, Perspectives, and Ethics

who complete GCU’s General Education requirements will be able to demonstrate
awareness and appreciation of and empathy for differences in arts and culture,
values, experiences, historical perspectives, and other aspects of life.

• Articulate knowledge of individual,
group, and societal behavior.

• Define personal role in a larger,
diverse social context.

• Acknowledge Individuals from
diverse cultural backgrounds and belief systems, and interact appropriately.

• Use knowledge of the past to
develop understandings concerning the present or future.

• Evaluate artistic and literary
expression and how they influence and reflect society.


who complete GCU’s General Education requirements will be able to express
aspects of the Christian worldview which affect human value and dignity,
ethical decision making, academic disciplines, and vocation.


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