GCU LDR615 Full Course

GCU LDR615 Full Course

GCU LDR615 Full Course

Week 1 Discussion

DQ1 Describe
the role of organizational development in contemporary organizations. How does
organizational development help organizations prepare for or implement change?
Provide an example from your organization.

DQ2 What
environmental forces drive organization development in your field or industry?
What are the steps successful organizations take when responding to change?
Have you experienced forces of change in your work environment? How did the
changes affect your organization?

LDR615 Organizational Development and Change

Week 2 Discussion

DQ1 Why is
vision essential to facilitating successful change in an organization? What is
the correlation between a leader’s role/vision and a successful change
initiative? Describe a vision that you have seen/heard/read/viewed that you
felt inspired successful change. How did this vision influence people’s
behavior and attitudes toward a major change initiative?

DQ2 According
to the textbook, people are more motivated when “they are shown a truth
that influences their feelings” than they are by analysis. Discuss the
relevance of this statement for organizations growing and responding to change.
What responsibility does a leader have to honor stakeholder concerns when
“feelings” are the primary basis for the concerns?

LDR615 Organizational Development and Change

Week 3 Discussion

DQ1 Compare
and contrast two different change models. What leadership approach would you
use to implement your preferred model? Why?

DQ2 What is
“disruptive change,” and how is this different from “incremental
change?” How does disruptive change affect an organization? Provide an

LDR615 Organizational Development and Change

Week 4 Discussion

DQ1 Discuss
the importance of a change agent and a guiding team. What is the purpose of
each, and what traits make them successful?

DQ2 Discuss
two strategies that can be used for leading change. How do these strategies
increase stakeholder support and create momentum for a change initiative to be
successful? Why might you want to consider including the most vocal critic of
the change initiative in your guiding team?

LDR615 Organizational Development and Change

Week 5 Discussion

DQ1 Explain
how successful communication is used throughout a change process to convey
vision and strategies to stakeholders. What may be occurring with the
communication process if the change process begins to fail?

DQ2 Why is
effective and frequent communication so critical to a successful change effort?
Describe either a good or a bad example of this from your organization or one
that you have studied. Describe how the communication affected the various
stakeholders affected by the change effort.

LDR615 Organizational Development and Change

Week 6 Discussion

DQ1 What
types of obstacles/objections do leaders face from stakeholders when
implementing change within an organization? What strategies can leaders use to
work with stakeholders, remove obstacles, and address objections?

DQ2 Describe
an ethical dilemma that you experienced, or have witnessed in a change leader,
when attempting to initiate change. How was the ethical dilemma resolved? What
can a change leader use to guide decision making when faced with an ethical

LDR615 Organizational Development and Change

Week 7 Discussion

DQ1 Discuss
the importance of identifying and acknowledging short-term wins during change.
What types of short-term wins are most meaningful? Why?

DQ2 During
a change initiative, what can organizations use to identify or verify truly
objective and measureable success? What does your organization utilize to
measure its level of success?

LDR615 Organizational Development and Change

Week 8 Discussion

DQ1 Consider
an organization in your field or industry. Describe the essential systems
necessary to facilitate continuous change without compromising quality or
causing burnout among employees. Describe three factors to consider when making
sure that the changes made become permanently imbedded in the organization’s

DQ2 What is
your reaction to change in your personal history? What personal tools do you
implement to help yourself navigate change?

LDR615 Organizational Development and Change

Week 2 Assignment

Initiative: Creating Vision

In a written
paper of 1,250-1,500 words, evaluate the current forces driving change in your
field or industry. As a leader, or considering the role of a leader, assess
your organization and evaluate how well it is responding to the forces, and
identify where there is a need for change. Develop a vision to inspire this
change. Include the following:

your organization, include the organization’s mission, and identify the various

the external and internal forces that drive organizational change in your field
or industry. Explain the origin or reason for these internal or external
driving forces. Explain how these forces directly affect the viability of your

Choose one
of the driving forces. Describe the specific issues this driving force creates,
or will potentially create, for your organization or department.

Propose the
steps needed for your organization or department to respond to this driving


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