Examine evidence-based research in the study of violence

Examine evidence-based research in the study of violence

Examine evidence-based research in the study of violence. Assignment: Begin Domestic Violence Assessment Paper. To complete this assignment, you are required to: Read the California Laws, the Domestic Violence Handbook, Cultural Considerations and watch the Video on Interpersonal Violence below [also located under Resources]

(2017). California Laws Related to Domestic Violence

(2018). California Domestic Violence Law Compendium.

(2012). Domestic Violence Handbook for Victims and Professionals

Cultural Considerations in Recognizing and Responding to Domestic Violence

Understanding Domestic Violence/Interpersonal Violence [IPV]

ReadBuzawa, E.S., Buzawa, C.G. & Stark, E.D. (2017). Responding to Domestic Violence: The Integration of Criminal Justice and Human Services . (5th ed). Thousand Oaks, CA SAGE Publishing. ISBN: 9781506311128 Chapters 1 – 3

Case Assessment: In consideration of the California Laws, the Handbook, Cultural Considerations and Understanding Domestic Violence video, you are required to perform a violence assessment on the vignette presented below.

Write a 5-6 page paper to justify your assessment of Charlene utilizing at least four research articles. You may use the Bibliography section of your syllabus. You are encouraged to use other resources, but they must be research, evidence-based sources.

Along with justification of your assessment of Charlene, include:

-theoretical explanations of Charlene’s choices
-intervention for protection
-legal and ethical issues present
-cultural issues relevant to the vignette for both Charlene [and Larry].
-prevention strategies [including Larry]

The Case of Charlene and Larry

Charlene is a 35-year-old Asian-American woman who works as an administrator at a local company. During the assessment, you notice that Charlene appears frightened and keeps looking around the room. Charlene has never been married and has been dating Larry, a 40-year old Latino male coworker, for 8 months. She reports that the relationship seemed to be going well until Larry moved in to her home 6 weeks ago.

Prior to living together, Charlene describes Larry as loving, charming and attentive to her needs. Shortly after Larry moved in, Charlene began noticing how demanding Larry is, and how he becomes angry and “calls me ugly names” when they argue. On one occasion, Larry became so irate, that he punched a hole in the wall. Charlene reports he was very remorseful and apologetic, and fixed the damage immediately.

During a recent argument Larry smashed a wooden rocking chair against the wall, a family treasure made by her great-grandfather. Charlene did not confront Larry about this as she is starting to fear his violence. She is finding herself to be more and more depressed. She would like to make things work with Larry, but is wondering if his behaviors will get worse, and if she might be in danger. Charlene denies that Larry has ever physically harmed her, but you notice that she is wearing long sleeves on a rather warm day.


Explain the major theories of violence
Explore judicial responses to violence
Formulate intervention, treatment and prevention strategies
Consider issues of culture and diversity in abuse and violence
Analyze the current domestic violence laws and domestic abuse requirements
Examine evidence based research in the study of violence
Demonstrate ethical behavior in the use of technology.

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