Eastern Florida NUR4837 Unit 1 Discussion Latest NUR4837 Healthcare Policy, Advocacy, and the Political Process

Eastern Florida NUR4837 Unit 1 Discussion Latest NUR4837 Healthcare Policy, Advocacy, and the Political Process

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NUR4837 Healthcare Policy, Advocacy, and the Political Process

Unit 1 Discussion

1. Sphere of Influence: The Workforce &
Workplace: (developing a policy that impacts the workforce or the workplace)


Select a
current problem, for example, the inability of the profession to establish the
BSN as a minimum requirement for entry into practice, or the shortage of nurses
in the United States. Using the “Steps of a Political Analysis” found in Box
8-1 as a guide:

Identifying and analyzing the problem

Outlining and analyzing proposed solutions

Understanding the background of the issue: its history and previous attempts to
address the problem

4. Locating
the political setting and structures involved

Evaluating the stakeholders

6. Conducting
a values assessment

Recognizing the resources (both financial and human) needed to reach the
intended goals

Analyzing the power bases

2. Sphere of Influence: The Government (practice
influencing policy by communicating with a legislator about a current health


1. Identify
a current health problem that is being debated at the national and/or state
level (e.g., the proliferation of “pill mills” and pain clinics), and state why
it is of interest.

2. Identify
a legislator (state or federal) and state why that person is the appropriate
one to contact.

3. Draft a
letter to the legislator including the proper salutation.

Introduce yourself and your reason for writing.

5. State
concisely what you understand to be the current socioeconomic, political, and
ethical issues surrounding the problem.

6. Discuss
the implications of the problem for nursing or nursing practice.

7. Make a
clear request for action.

8. Request
a response.

3. Sphere of Influence: Associations and
Interest Groups (provides the opportunity to become familiar with different
nursing associations.) PLEASE, NO
DUPLICATION! There are enough
Associations & Interest groups to go around!


1. Choose a
nursing association.

2. List the
mission and purpose of the association

3. How is
it governed?

4. What is
the legislative agenda of the association?

5. How is
that agenda developed? Is the membership involved?

6. How is
the agenda communicated to the membership?

7. Does it
partner with any coalitions?

8. Does the
partnership influence policy on a national or state level? If yes, how?

9. When you
graduate will you join the association? If yes, why? If no, why not?