Eastern Florida NUR3805 Chapter 14 Quiz Latest 2019 January NUR3805 Dimensions of Professional Practice Chapter 14 Quiz

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Eastern Florida NUR3805 Chapter 14 Quiz Latest 2019 January NUR3805 Dimensions of Professional Practice Chapter 14 Quiz

Question 1 Which of the following is not
included as an overarching goal of Healthy People 2020?

Attaining longer lives free of preventable diseases and injury

Eliminating health disparities

Creating environments that promote good health

Lengthening the average lifespan by a decade

Question 2 Health promotion differs from
illness prevention in that health promotion

occurs before the identification of disease risk factors.

returns an individual to optimal functioning after an illness.

identifies and ameliorates a health problem.

addresses identified health problems.

Question 3 Which of the following is
characteristic of public agencies?

They are supported by donations from the public.

Most only provide primary care services.

They provide health care services at the national, state, and local

Public agencies can serve the nation,
state, or local community.

They are not involved in the education of health care providers.

Question 4 A health care agency that uses
its profits to better the institution rather than paying stockholders would be
classified as a

not-for-profit agency.

private agency.

for-profit agency.

voluntary agency.

Question 5 Hospices that provide care to
terminally ill patients and their families in hospitals, in the home, or in
special hospice facilities provide which level of health care?

Subacute care

Secondary care

Tertiary care

Primary care

Question 6 Which of the following is a
responsibility of many nurse executives (chief nursing officers)?

Recruiting, hiring, and training new staff

Participating as a member of the board of directors

Managing day-to-day staff scheduling

Managing budget for assigned unit

Question 7 Differences between treatment
outcomes for different populations are known as

treatment choices.

health care outcomes.

population variability.

health care disparities.

Question 8 A nurse recognizes that the
strict visiting hours policy on the pediatric unit is outmoded and begins to
gather data to support a new policy liberalizing visiting hours based on
evidence of better patient care is taking on the role of



provider of care.

patient advocate.

Question 9 Which of the following is a
characteristic of the team model of nursing care delivery?

Communication among the team saves time, so the model is cost-efficient.

Each member of the team uses his or her abilities to the fullest in
patient care.

This model increases continuity of care for the patients.

Team nursing emphasizes holistic care for the patients and their

Question 10 Which of the following patients
is likely to benefit most from referral for case management?

Child injured in a playground accident

Elderly patient with total hip replacement

20-year-old with appendectomy

49-year-old man in the emergency department with chest pain