Eastern Florida NUR3164 Unit 5 Discussion Latest 2019 March NUR3164 Introduction to Nursing Research and Health Informatics Unit 5 Discussion

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Eastern Florida NUR3164 Unit 5 Discussion Latest 2019 March NUR3164 Introduction to Nursing Research and Health Informatics Unit 5 Discussion

Follow the instructions under DISCUSSION
BOARD RUBRIC and Discussion Guidelines and APA Tips to create your post and
respond to at least one other student. Internal citations and references are

As you are new to all of this, being
introduced to the many terminologies and systems of standards, you are bound to
feel overwhelmed. You all will not be
expected to become experts in each system. Rather, you should recognize the
unique purpose and goal of the various terminologies and understand the goals
of the systems, and the importance of achieving harmonization among systems of
terminology. One basic & practical
concept in striving for standardization.
This is similar to using the “right” key words when conducting an online
search. Nurses can only receive or communicate the “right” data about a patient
if they are using the “right” terminology.
Although it is more complicated than this, you will benefit by drawing
on your own success when communicating online through standard, consistent

Choose ONE question from this week’s four
chapters as your discussion post, then please respond to a post on a topic
other than the one you chose for your initial post:

Chapter 21:
(three options to choose from)

Discuss the importance of establishing
& using frameworks in designing and using health informatics. Introduce one
of the currently existing health IT frameworks, and discuss areas where it is
inadequate/needs further improvement. ( One option would be to discuss how the
Health Human–Computer Interaction (HCI) Framework addresses the missing
elements of previously existing frameworks).

User experience: Identify the elements critical to an improved
user experience: user(s) characteristics, interactions, tasks, information,
product(s) and their characteristics, context, and developmental timeline. Which
would you identify as most needing to be addressed base on an IT framework of
your choice (possibly make a quick phone call to your IT department and ask
them which framework is currently used at your hospital. Research this framework and add your
perspective based on personal experience.)

Define what cognitive systems engineering
is and the focus of this discipline ~ Discuss the implications of a
socio-technical system are and how they apply to the healthcare setting. What issues do joint cognitive systems

Chapter 22:

Discuss how standardized terminology enhances the monitoring of
healthcare quality and outcomes. Review
ways in which standardization of terminology will advance healthcare
research. Give examples/support with

Chapter 23:

5. Lets look at the idea of data
mining (KDDM) compared with randomized control trials (RCT): In a randomized control trial, inclusion
criteria is very strict to limit errors in methodology. Compared to KDDM, RCT
can be quite lengthy and time consuming as well as costly.

When is the traditional gold-standard
research method of RCT not “enough”?

What are the drawbacks and limitations of

Discuss areas of needed improvement in the
use of KDDM, what are the potential future benefits in cost-effectiveness of

In your opinion, will KDDM eventually
replace more traditional research methods such as RCT? Why or why not?

Chapter 24:

6. Patient safety and quality of
care are not improved simply by the implementation of an HIS, but by ongoing
evaluation to identify needed interventions and incentives to increase the
fidelity of use. Ultimately, health IT
is just a tool to improve patient outcomes.
Meaningful use initiatives laid a great foundation, but have proven to
be somewhat lacking. Why are these initiatives not enough to advance best practices in all settings? What else is needed?