Discussion 6 Respond

Discussion 6 Respond

In order to determine how we would measure and monitor quality of care and subsequent outcomes from the APRN, we should first explain what these elements are and how they are used. Quality measures are standards used for evaluating the performance and improvement of population health or of health plans, providers of services, and other clinicians in the delivery of healthcare services. Quality measures are tools that help us assess healthcare processes, outcomes, patient processes, and organizational systems that are associated with the ability to provide high-quality healthcare and/or that relate to one or more quality goals for healthcare (CMS.gov, 2022). Outcomes are put in place by governing bodies as a measurement tool of the healthcare system. These outcomes include, mortality, readmission, patient experience, safety of care, effectiveness and timeliness of care. And these outcomes are a measure of the direct result of an intervention on a patient or group of people that is attributable to an intervention or series of the same ( Tinker, 2018).

The reason that it is important to have these measurements in place is to improve things like patient care experience, general health of a population, reduce healthcare costs and prevent clinician burnout. Because the majority of NP’s work in private practice with about one third in the acute care setting such as hospitals  identifying outcome measures that reflect the specific NP role components—can be adequately used to designate the impact of specialty NP practice (Kleinpell & Kapu, 2017). The outcome of these measures would help to amplify and solidify the role of the NP as a necessary element in todays healthcare. In primary care and community health the NP can be an important tool in monitoring and educating diabetes prevention and care. We would measure the success of the NP intervention by a reduction in Diabetes and related issues such as hypertension, hemoglobin AIC and LDL control.

So what tools do we use to measure the success of the ARNP? There are several ways in which to do this. Patient assessments upon leaving hospital, household interviews and simulated patient groups are used mostly for assessing quality of care from the patient and family’s point of view, while interviewing providers and management or direct assessment are used to assess quality of care from the provider perspective. In the acute care setting, length of stay, time to consultation, cost and patient satisfaction. Finally the ARNP has proven effective in every aspect of healthcare, be it to reduce wait times, increase access to providers or provide affordable healthcare, there does not seem to be a downside to engaging the services of the ARNP, I believe one would fine that as a result of this addition to any staff patient satisfaction scores would increase exponentially.

Reference CMS.gov (2022, May) New to Measures. Retrieved from: https://mmshub.cms.gov/about-quality/new-to-measures/what-is-a-measure

Kleinpell, R. Kapu,  April N. (2017, August)  Quality measures for nurse practitioner practice evaluation, Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Volume 29 – Issue 8 – p446-451 doi: 10.1002/2327-6924.12474

Discussion 2 ( Christina)

Quality of Care

Quality of care is a term that measures the likelihood of the desired health outcome, however, there are times when it has failed to address the difficulty of the situation. Quality of care reflects on so many aspects of the healthcare system, for example, it reflects the nature and effects it has and how we can make a difference and make improvements. The goal for everyone in the medical field is to improve healthcare quality so that patient care can be prioritized and in essence, made crucially important. Occasionally, quality of care has not been prioritized and is overlooked instead. Therefore, high-quality care is not only essential when providing care but also the perception is given (NCBI, 2017). A great way to put the quality of care in place is by using a checklist that demonstrates and supports the improvement from a standpoint (Oxford Academic, 2019). The list can be used as a reference to follow and guide us with feedback and ways to improve our overall care.

Hence, for the list to be successful, and biased, it should be conducted as a data point and more as an algorithm (Oxford Academic, 2019). The algorithms are used to make sure it is used correctly as it determines compliance with the facility of altering it depending on the physician’s preference upon patient care (Oxford Academic, 2019). The institution of Medicine based out of the U.S has suggested an alternative way to promote quality care, in that case, they focused on six different goals. The first centering around effectiveness, then efficiency, the quality, patient-centered care timeliness, and lastly safety (NCBI, 2017). By utilizing these six concepts, we can have a better understanding and provide a better quality of care. Researching has become very effective in exposing the change that needs to be made to enhance the quality of care. After all, this study demonstrates the effectiveness of various interactions (NCBI, 2017). It controls how a patient recovers, and it is so important for providers to make it a priority and validate that they have the best outcome possible. The intrapersonal relationship develops throughout the care process, due to the multiple attempts between both patient and provider. This consist of a sense of trust, respect, and understanding.

Quality of care is not only an important part of the basic health process but it’s what determines how well a patient improves overall. As part of the medical team, we should always aim for the best care, and find ways to improve our patient’s health. In all honesty, quality of care is sometimes not fully understood without the basic concepts of installing trust and value. We should all make it a priority to continue finding ways that will benefit our patients and create positive outcomes. Hence, by making positive changes we are also able to decrease medical errors. With the proper resources, there should be enough funds to continue developing and improving the ways we measure the quality.

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