Develop a specific nursing approach

Develop a specific nursing approach

Develop a specific nursing approach that applies ideas from the Caritas Process. Fully develop the approach. This should be one full page in length.
• The nursing approach should be applicable to the case, and also practical to utilize with patients and families in your own nursing practice.
• Students should reference ideas from the nursing literature (both journals and textbooks) to develop a nursing approach.

Evaluation Criteria for Paper

_____ 1. (15%) Summarize the case study
(5%) Describe the health alteration in the pediatric case
(5%) Describe the stage of health alteration or illness in the case
(5%) Explain how the child and family situation affects the health alteration and

treatment plan

_____ 2. (15%) Summarize the selected Caritas Process
(5%) Describe the Caritas Processes within the context of the Theory of Human Caring
(10%) Analyze how the Caritas Process relates to the case study

_____3. (40%) Suggested nursing approach
(5%) Reflects ideas in the Caritas Process
(5%) Is relevant to the case study
(10%) Can be utilized with children and families in your own nursing practice.
(20%) Approach is coherent and fully developed (one full page in length)

_____ 4. (10%) Resources used as rationale for approaches and as sources of content
_____ 5. (20%) Paper is written in a scholarly manner
(4%) Format includes title page, body of paper, & reference page, with pages numbered

APA style
(4%) Paper is limited to 4 pages in length, which includes title page and reference page
(4%) References are cited in the paper according to APA style
(4%) References are listed on the reference page according to APA style
(4%) Grammar, language, spelling, and sentence structure are at a college writing level

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