Cloud Computing Fundamentals

Cloud Computing Fundamentals.


This aim of this assessment is to determine the student’s capabilities to analyze the features cloud offers, compare traditional IT services with Cloud Services and how different service models can be utilized to solve a challenge, using different public cloud providers.

During this assessment, students will go through four case studies one each week and prepare a report


Your facilitator will provide you with four scenarios. Please be advised that the following points were taken into consideration during the scenario selection process:

 Each of the four scenarios presented are from different service and deployment models.

 They cater for different service sectors of cloud like web application, big data, IoT and/or Artificial Intelligence.

 Each uses a variety of services from providers.

 The scenarios are taken from popular public cloud providers.

The assessment requires you to prepare a report based on the case studies provided by your faciliatator.

Report Instructions: 

Start off with a short introduction (approximately 250 words) stating basic information relevant to the report and introducing relevant points relating to the case studies. For example, you can provide background information including some context related to cloud computing. This section will be written in complete sentences and paragraphs. No tables, graphs, diagrams or dot points should be included.

The structure, main body of the report should comprise of four different sections 600 words each (one section for each case study) based on the above mentioned case studies. With each section specifically addressing the following about the case study.

 Analysis of the case

 Analysing the service model for the case study including the services by the provider and each scenario utilised.

 Compare and contrast different deployment models for this scenario.

 Analyse the application of different services each case study used.

 Reflection

Finally, write a conclusion (approximately 250 words) as a summary of your analysis of the case. This section brings together all of the information that you have presented in your report and should link to the purpose of the assessment as mentioned in the introduction. You can also discuss any areas which have been identified as requiring further investigation and how this will work to improve or change our understanding of the topic. This section does not introduce or discuss any new information specifically, and like the introduction, will be written in complete sentences and paragraphs. No tables, graphs, diagrams or dot points should be included.

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