Assignment: Practicum: Cover Letter, Resume, And Portfolio

Assignment: Practicum: Cover Letter, Resume, And Portfolio

Your cover letter should be:

  • -Presented and formatted in a professional business manner
  • -Addressed properly
  • -Clear and concise and include:
    • Content Introduction
    • Content Body
    • Content Conclusion
  • -Personal philosophy statement
  • -Self-assessment
  • -Personal goals (short term and long term)
  • -Achievements
  • -2 letter of recomendation

Cover Letter, Resume, and Portfolio
Toussaint Casimir
Walden University
NURS 6660 PMH Nurse Practitioner Role I: Child and Adolescent
February 3, 2019
Personal Philosophy Statement
Patient care is complex system that is delivered by a multidisciplinary team. Its success requires perfect harmony between the all the involving members. It is vital that the care we deliver as healthcare professional is patient – centered. Therefore, it is important to know the population that we are serving, its needs and its cultural background. In the United States more than any other country, healthcare providers should develop their cultural awareness and competence.
The stigma around the mental illness and the quality of treatment that mentally ill individuals receive have inspired me to become a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP). I have felt the necessity to stand up and do what is right as my contribution to fix this urgent issue. In our society, physical or medical diseases provoke empathy, but we demonstrate disdain for people impacted by mental conditions. Like we always say, “See it and fix it”. So, passivity is as wrong as the wrong doing.
As a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, I will have the opportunity to care for a multicultural population with different conceptions or point of view about mental health. It is my role and responsibility to understand the cultural differences and provide support to those in need. I have learned that in the healthcare system, we should not be judgmental. My personal philosophy is to treat each and every patient as I would like to be treated. It is a moral obligation to use my knowledge to serve and educate individuals in my community. As a healthcare professional, I believe that I have the capability to change to way mentally ill individuals are viewed and treated. Through my philosophy, I will be able to advocate for holistic and empathic care for individuals with mental health conditions.
Self – Assessment
I have decided to transition from registered nurse (RN) to psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) to better serve my community. So, I have always said and believe that the more someone has the he/she can give. When I decided to go back to school to pursue my goal, I said to myself “I have to choose one of the best schools”. Finally, I have chosen Walden University that I believe meet my expectations. For my Practicum, I have chosen the Compass Health System which has been established in the South Florida since 1990, and it is well respected in the community. They offer their services through their offices and most of the hospital with mental health crisis. They are one the major teaching facilities in mental health in the South Florida.
I have selected preceptors who have been working with Compass Health System for several years. So, they acquired a very solid experience in the field. I have taken great advantage of their experience to strengthen my assessment skills to evaluate children adolescents and adults with mental health issues. Because they see patients in office and hospitals, I have been able to learn different approaches for individuals in crisis and non-crisis setting. I have built confidence in my ability to appropriately evaluate, diagnose and treat patient using pharmacologic therapy and non-pharmacologic therapy. I have no doubt in my mind that I am ready to deliver holistic and empathic care for individuals in my community regardless of their cultural background.
Personal goals
Short – term goals
· Become a certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.
· Join one of the institutions that aim to provide the best quality of care for mentally ill individuals in my community.
· Strengthen my ability to accurately diagnose mental health conditions and communicate effective with patients and/or significant others about the condition and all the possible treatment options.
· Become a voice for those in my community who are affected by mental health disorders.
Long – term goals
· Enroll in a doctorate program to complete my DNP as psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.
· Engage in the fight to change the way mentally ill individuals are viewed and treated in my community.
· At the age of 24 I graduated with honor “Cum Laude” with a bachelor’s in agriculture from a prestigious school in the Dominican Republic.
· I worked for CECI in a joint project with the Haitian government for a period of 8 years.
· After entered to the United States in 2009, I decided to pursue my dream in the Healthcare System. And, I graduated in 2014 with “High Honor” with associate degree at Miami Dade College.
· I stated my career in nursing at the Memorial Healthcare System in a “Respiratory Specialty Unit”.
· In December 2015, I completed my bachelor’s degree in nursing.
· I transitioned to a Telemetry Unit at North Shore Medical Center.
· I have been working as psychiatric nurse for 2 ½.
· I am hoping to become certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner by the mid of this year.

Toussaint Casimir
1200 NE 200 St, Miami, Fl33179 · Phone: 786-9913495

Mrs. Marie Jones
Human resources director
Jackson Memorial Hospital

1005, 1611 NW 12th Ave,
Miami, FL 33136

Dear Marie Jones,
My name is Toussaint Casimir, board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner. As I was always fascinated by the mission of your prestigious institution, so I found this opening position for an experienced and dedicated Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner a welcoming opportunity. Even though I have been recently graduated as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, I have two long years and half of experiences working with mental health patients as a registered nurse. Before I transitioned to the mental health, I started my career of nursing in a “respiratory care unit” at Memorial Healthcare system. During my two years and half of mental health experience in 40 – bed locked unit, I have learned the appropriate time to initiate communication with patients in crises, how to convey empathy and develop trustworthy relationship with patients, how to assess and accurately produce the mental status evaluation, and to provide a safe environment not only for patients but also for all staff. Thanks to my background, I strongly believe that I can contribute to the success of your institution. I urge you to have a close look to the following skills and qualities that your institution can benefit by hire over any other candidate: Over the time, I have strived to become as culturally sensitive and competent as a healthcare provider can be. Furthermore, I speak and write fluently English, Spanish, French and Haitian creole. I have learned to deliver the best quality of care to individuals enduring all sorts of mental health conditions, like PTSD, ADHD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, dementia, and anxiety. I have learned to be a leader, a team player, a great communicator, and an advocate for the cause of the voiceless. Achieving a Master of Science in Nursing with a concentration in Mental Health Nursing from the Walden university has strengthen problem-solving, critical thinking abilities. And, through a full year of practicum with highly respected and experienced doctors, I have learned to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients with all kinds of mental health disorders. I greatly value the interest that you have demonstrated in my profile. I hope I can be considered for an interview to better explain at what extent I can contribute to the success of your institution. And, I am looking forward to learning more about your expectations. Feel free to contact me at your convenience through my cellphone: 786-991-3495 or email: Best regards, Toussaint Casimir

Toussaint Casimir, RN, BSN
1200 NE 200 St., Miami FL 33179
Phone: (786)991-3495/ (305)974-2863

Obtain a position in an institution where I can successfully implement my nursing skills and knowledge to provide individuals in my community with the best quality of care possible. And, advocate on behalf of the voiceless.
· Licensure:        Registered Nurse (Florida Board of Nursing)
· Certification:       CPR; CPI; and 12 lead EKG
· Computer Skills: Microsoft Office
· Languages:        English: spoken, read and written
                             Spanish: spoken, read and written
French: spoken, read and written
Haitian Creole: spoken, read and written

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) – Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Walden University, Minnesota
2017 – 2019
RN – BSN GPA 3.65/4.0
Miami Dade College, Benjamin Leon School of Nursing, Florida
Jan – Dec 2015
Registered Nurse (A.S.) GPA 3.70/4.0
Miami Dade College, Benjamin Leon School of Nursing, Florida
2013 – 2014
Agricultural Engineer GPA 3.6/4.0
Instituto Superior de Agricultura (ISA) Dom. Rep.
1996 – 2000


North Medical Center (Behavior Health Unit)
· Complete patient’s assessment/evaluation to determine eligibility for acute inpatient, assess patients for depression and suicidal/homicidal thoughts, and communicate effectively with the multidisciplinary care team.
Nov 2016 – Present
North Medical Center (Telemetry Unit)
· Complete patient care assessment, evaluation, and medication review, including baseline vital signs within 4 hours of assigned patients’ admission.
April 2016 – Nov 2016
Memorial Hospital Pembroke (Respiratory Specialty Care Unit)
· Provides direct patient care in accordance with applicable scope and standards of practice and with the policies, values, and mission of the organization.
· Initiates patients care plan within 24 hours of admission, establishes nursing diagnosis, intervention and measurable outcomes in collaboration with physician, patient, family and staff.
Feb 2015 – May 2016
Green Cross Home Health Care services, Miami, Fl.
· Provide care for clients including tracheostomy care, gastrostomy care, tube feeding, wound care, medication administration and pain management.
November, 2014
Valet Parking, Brickell Town House   
· Assist people especially elderly in get in and out of their cars.
· Use of excellent communication skills to receive and assist visitors and residents.
· Assist people with special need in and out wheel chair.
July 2009 – Feb 2015

Nursing Clinical Experience (12 Months)

Compass Health System· Evaluate patients with metal health condition.
· Assess patients for depression, SI/HI and visual/auditory hallucinations.
· Lead individual psychotherapy under the supervision of a preceptor.
Compass Health System· Assess patients with a great range of mental health conditions.
· Determine the with group each patient would best fit in.
· Lead group and family psychotherapy under the supervision of a preceptor.
Compass Health System· Provide care and teaching for mentally ill pediatric patients.
· Work closely with a preceptor to evaluate and assess patients’ mental status.
· Determine the needs for hospitalization treatment.
· Together with a preceptor evaluate the effective, the to adjust or switch psychotropic medications for children and adolescents.

1. Scott Segal, MD (Psychiatrist)
Compass Health System,
2. Richard Douyon, MD (Pychiatrist)
North Shore Medical Center (Medical director)
3. Melaine Burnettgrizzle
North Shore Medical Center, Unit Director
CPR; CPI; and 12 lead EKG
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Institution:Walden University


Transcript Data
Name:Toussaint Casimir
Birth Date:08-APR
Unofficial Transcript


***Transcript type:Web is NOT Official ***
Unofficial Transcript


In Progress:Master of Science in Nursing
Curriculum Information
Program:MS in Nursing (MSN) – PMH- BSN
Specialization/Conc:Psychiatric Mental Hlth Nur NP
Program Status:INPROGRESS
Attempted HoursEarned HoursGPA HoursPointsGPA
Unofficial Transcript


2017 Spring Qtr 02/27-05/21
SubjectCourseLevelTitleGradeCredit HoursPointsStart and End DatesR
NURS6001FGQFoundations for Graduate StudyS1.0000.00Feb 27, 2017 to Apr 09, 2017
NURS6050FGQPolicy & Advocacy for Pop HlthB5.00015.00Feb 27, 2017 to May 14, 2017
Term Totals:
Attempted HoursEarned HoursGPA HoursPointsGPA
Unofficial Transcript


2017 Summer Qtr 05/30-08/20
SubjectCourseLevelTitleGradeCredit HoursPointsStart and End DatesR
NURS6051FGQTransforming Nursing & HCB5.00015.00May 30, 2017 to Aug 13, 2017
NURS6052FGQEssent of Evidence-Based PractW5.0000.00May 30, 2017 to Aug 13, 2017
Term Totals:
Attempted HoursEarned HoursGPA HoursPointsGPA
Unofficial Transcript


2017 Fall Qtr 08/28-11/19
SubjectCourseLevelTitleGradeCredit HoursPointsStart and End DatesR
NURS6053FGQInterprof Org & Sys LeadershipA5.00020.00Aug 28, 2017 to Nov 12, 2017
NURS6501FGQAdvanced PathophysiologyB5.00015.00Aug 28, 2017 to Nov 12, 2017
Term Totals:
Attempted HoursEarned HoursGPA HoursPointsGPA
Unofficial Transcript


2017 Winter Qtr 11/27-02/18
SubjectCourseLevelTitleGradeCredit HoursPointsStart and End DatesR
NURS6052FGQEssent of Evidence-Based PractB5.00015.00Nov 27, 2017 to Feb 11, 2018
NURS6521FGQAdvanced PharmacologyA5.00020.00Nov 27, 2017 to Feb 11, 2018
Term Totals:
Attempted HoursEarned HoursGPA HoursPointsGPA
Unofficial Transcript


2018 Spring Qtr 02/26-05/20
SubjectCourseLevelTitleGradeCredit HoursPointsStart and End DatesR
NURS6512FGQAdvanced Health AssessmentA5.00020.00Feb 26, 2018 to May 13, 2018
NURS6630FGQApproaches to TreatmentF5.0000.00Feb 26, 2018 to May 13, 2018E
Term Totals:
Attempted HoursEarned HoursGPA HoursPointsGPA
Unofficial Transcript


2018 Summer Qtr 05/29-08/19
SubjectCourseLevelTitleGradeCredit HoursPointsStart and End DatesR
NURS6630NGQApproaches to TreatmentC5.00010.00May 29, 2018 to Aug 12, 2018
NURS6640FGQPsychotherapy IndividC5.00010.00May 29, 2018 to Aug 12, 2018
Term Totals:
Attempted HoursEarned HoursGPA HoursPointsGPA
Unofficial Transcript


2018 Fall Quarter 08/27-11/18
SubjectCourseLevelTitleGradeCredit HoursPointsStart and End DatesR
NURS6650FGQPyschotherapy Group FamB5.00015.00Aug 27, 2018 to Nov 11, 2018
Term Totals:
Attempted HoursEarned HoursGPA HoursPointsGPA
Unofficial Transcript


2018 Winter Qtr 11/26-02/17
SubjectCourseLevelTitleGradeCredit HoursPointsStart and End DatesR
NURS6660FGQPMH NP Role I: ChildIn Progress5.000Nov 26, 2018 to Feb 10, 2019
Unofficial Transcript


2019 Spring Qtr 02/25-05/19
SubjectCourseLevelTitleGradeCredit HoursPointsStart and End DatesR
NURS6670FGQPMH NP Role II: AdultIn Progress5.000Feb 25, 2019 to May 12, 2019
Unofficial Transcript


Attempted HoursEarned HoursGPA HoursPointsGPA

North Shore Med Ctr
Transcript Range: Feb 4, 2018 through Feb 3, 2019
Report Generated: Feb 03, 2019, 2:55 pm ET

Total Completions: 20 | Estimated Time: 14:13
THC – Revised Fair Treatment Process (FTP) – EEI190010:0101/28/2019
2018 Interqual – RCD181572:0010/31/2018
Security Awareness – A Day In The Life – RCD182010:2510/29/2018
2018 Patient Safety Training For Clinical Providers – RCD181881:1010/26/2018
2018 Ethics and Compliance Refresher Training for Employees (and Some Contractors) Hired Before 1-1-20180:0010/24/2018
Choose Your Own Compliance Adventure – Privacy, Security and Harassment0:4010/24/2018
Ethics and Compliance General Training and Fraud, Waste and Abuse Training – rcd182040:2610/22/2018
Conifer-Stroke Awareness Course for PA – BES160560:2810/15/2018
NOS – North Shore Risk Management – RCD162501:1510/15/2018
Radiation Safety – An HCCS Regulatory Course0:2610/15/2018
Rapid Regulatory Compliance: Clinical I – An HCCS Regulatory Course0:4010/15/2018
The Patient Experience – 2018 Refresher Training1:0010/15/2018
Rapid Regulatory Compliance: Clinical II – An HCCS Regulatory Course0:5510/12/2018
THC – Bariatric Sensitivity Training: Overcoming Stigma and Discrimination – RCD141250:3010/11/2018
Safe Use And Avoiding Restraints – RCD173310:2510/11/2018
THC – Care of the Self Harm Patient – RCD130230:3310/11/2018
THC eSRM Update To QPrecision – RCD162560:2510/10/2018
The Constant Observer for the Self Harm Patient – RCD170280:3510/10/2018
Recording Work Time & Missed Meals for Non-Exempt Employee Outside California – rcd114940:1510/10/2018
HeartCode® BLS Online Portion2:0403/09/2018

Dr. Stephanie Hanna
Senior Associate Professor

To whom it may concern
I am delighted to recommend Mr. Toussaint Casimir for a position of psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner at your institution. During my career as professor at Miami Dade College Mr. Casimir has been one of the students, I ever have in my NUR 3069. I personally encouraged him to become member of the PHI THETA KAPPA honor society.
I have known Mr. Casimir as a very dedicated, disciplined, respectful, responsible and with a high sense of integrity and initiative. Thanks to his high degree of responsibility, he was able to manage successfully work, school and his family’ obligation. Despite the role he plays in his family, he demonstrated great flexibility to work with his advisors and participate actively in group assignments.
Mr. Casimir has all the qualities of an ideal employee. He has been always respectful of the rules, punctual, team player, organized and details oriented. He has always demonstrated great sense of leadership by supervising other students in labs and clinicals. Moreover, he has always volunteer to share his knowledge and understanding of subjects with his peers. I strongly believe that your institution would benefit from his optimism, his motivation, and commitment to nursing.
To sum up, I highly recommend that you consider giving a chance to Mr. Casimir to join your organization. And, I strongly believe that your patients would benefit from his sense of compassion, selfless, empathy and tolerance. If necessary, feel free to contact me using my contact information below.

Best regards,
Stephanie Hanna
Dr. Stephanie Hanna
Senior Associate Professor
Miami Dade College
School of Nursing
Phone: 305-237-4331
Danielle Orr, RN, BSN
Nurse Manager, Respiratory Care Unit
To whom it may concern,
It is a great privilege to recommend Mr. Toussaint Casimir for a position at your organization. I am very proud to say that I am the first one to offer him an opportunity as a new grad.
I interviewed Mr. Casimir among several other nurses, and most of them with previous nursing experiences. But, Mr. Casimir convinced me that he was the right person for the job. I was impressed by his ability to communicate and the language that he used to convey his message. Even though he was a new nurse, he demonstrated great understanding of the role he had to play in our nursing team.
I never regret a bit the choice I made when I hired him. I felicitate myself for being able to recognize a talent when see it. Mr. Casimir is an easygoing person, highly motivated, dedicated and responsible. It was with heartbreaking when we had to let him go due to his familial obligation.
I highly recommend that you give him a chance to sell himself through and interview, and you will be able to get your own opinion. I am at your disposition, so you can reach at your convenience through my phone: 954-303-9170 or via email:

Best regards,

Danielle Orr 
Nurse Manager
Memorial Healthcare System
(954) 883-7071/954-303-9170

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