Assignment 2: Study Plan

Assignment 2: Study Plan

A study plan is essential for the purpose of staying on track and remaining focused during the completion of each progress goal and task. It will also help to avoid utter chaos and prevent stress related to confusion and procrastination (McKoy, 2018). The purpose of this paper is to explain the summary of the strengths and opportunities for improvement based on the test questions, create a study plan including three smart goals and associated tasks, and describe the resources to be used to complete the goals and tasks.

Summary of the Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement

My test grade was 70% out of 100%. Upon completion of the practice test questions, various strengths and opportunities for improvement were noted. Strengths comprised excellent skills in interviewing, assessment, intoxication and withdrawal; obtaining history and physicals; and the altered mental status. Opportunities for improvement include enhancing knowledge about how to use psychometrically validated tools such as the DSM-5, Beck Depression Inventory, the HEXACO, and the Adverse Childhood Experiences International Questionnaire. Also, I found myself to be very competent in the diagnosis and treatment sections, especially when distinguishing between different disorders. I also plan to improve my knowledge regarding ethical issues in the medical field.

SMART Goals and Tasks

Goal 1: To help me prepare for my national certification, I will study and follow the weekly readings in the course materials including the psychiatric interview.

Task one: Creating a timetable for studying specific material.

Task two: Specifying hours and the time needed for each material during the preparation of the national examination.

Task three: Consulting with my preceptor about the information I may need to know about as I prepare for my national certification.

Goal 2: To study the chapters of the “Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certification Review Manual” by the end of the practicum period.

Task one: Following the weekly readings for each course.

Task two: Setting apart a specific day each week for reviewing the chapters assigned for the week.

Task three: Allocating a two hour period for studying.

Goal 3: To list the areas of my knowledge base that I consider weak and decide the topics I need to concentrate more on by week eleven.

Task one: Writing down my weaknesses.

Task two: Reviewing each of my weaknesses during the makeup hours allocated in my timetable.

Task three: Using weekly reading assignments to assess any additional witnesses.

To measure my progress, I will compare my overall main goals with the degree of accomplishment I experienced during specific milestones (for example, weekly milestones). I will also assess how well I completed my goals and go back to the already accomplished goals to determine any details that may have been missed initially (Kverno & Fenton, 2021). I will also use my assignment grades as a way of measuring my progress as well as utilizing the feedback I receive from my preceptor and instructors (Harper et al., 2017).

Resources to Accomplish the Goals and Tasks

I will utilize the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Review Manual as a key resource during the progress of the course (Horowitz & Posmontier, 2020). Additionally, I will utilize my relationship with colleagues to form a study group using Internet applications like Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Also, I will utilize an online review course to obtain online educational tutoring as a resource for completing the goals and tasks (Peterson et al., 2019).


I plan to devote a lot of time and effort to perfecting my study plan and ensuring that it helps me achieve my goals and tasks. I will also stick to the plan and utilize every available resource to establish and achieve my goals. In the process, I will incorporate other process goals and objectives that will help me achieve my long-term goals. I will utilize several appropriate resources to prepare myself and make sure that I am confident and ready for my national certification exam.


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