A Life’s Story

A Life’s Story

A Life’s Story: I was brought into life at 9:59 a.m. on February 25,1983. I was the second grandchild to be born in the family. I was born at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I was 7lbs. 9 oz and 19 in. long when I was born. I had a head full of curly black hair and some big dark brown eyes. I was short most of my life until the age of thirteen and I had a gigantic growth spurt. Now I am taller than most of the girls my age. My full name is______________,

I got my name because my brother’s name is ______and she wanted her children to have similar names, so she decided to name me Nicole. I was a healthy, energetic, quiet, and content baby girl who loved apples, (which was my first word.) I am seventeen years old soon to be eighteen in a couple of days. I believe that I look exactly the same I did when I was younger. I now weigh 130lbs. and I am 5’7.

Some people who have influenced me greatly are my mom, my 8th grade teacher Mrs. Benson, and an assistant at this school, Ms, Sheila. My mom was the first person I chose because she gave me so much and still continues to do so. She is a great woman, who although has made some mistakes she has overcome them and taught me to do the same.

I commend my mom because she dropped out of school to take care of my grandmother while she was in the hospital and I know that was very hard for her, but because of her love she did it anyway. ” You’re best is all that count’s,” the most memorable quote from my mom. The next person that comes to mind is my 8th grade teacher Mrs. Benson. She influenced me because she was more than a teacher, but also a friend.

Ms. Benson never gave up on me or never allowed me to give up on myself. Even though she is no longer my teacher I still remember all the lessons I learned from being apart of her class. I would also like to mention a lady named Mrs. Sheila. She is more than just the lady at the front desk to me. She has taught me to do what I feel is right regardless if others go against it.

Also, she has always been there for me to lend an open ear whenever I needed her. This was important and influential to me because it’s not many adults who teenagers will share their problems with, and whether she realizes it or not that really meant a lot to me. I just wanted to thank these 3 great women and all they have done for me.

A place that I remember the most is my old house on 45th street (North Avenue). This house is instilled in my memory because I lived here all my life until age 8 when we moved to Malvern, Arkansas. This house was a fantastic place because my whole immediate family lived here. The people that lived in this house were me, my mom, my brother, my aunt Nancy, my grandmother, and my old dog Wizard. This house was important to me because our family was able to be together everyday unlike most families.

Many events have taken place during the course of my life. In particular I remember my 1st day at Nicolet High School. I was aware that the transition would be hard coming out of an M.P.S. middle school and into a suburban area and school. I know how it is with 1st impressions, so I wanted mines to be the best. But, yet I still had so many unanswered questions such as what do I wear?, how do I wear my hair?, and who would I sit with at lunch?

These seemed to be the most important things to me at the time. After I got over these things and just took it day by day I was fine. As far as grades go the things they learned in their middle schools some of the stuff I had never heard of. Eventually I got on track and worked myself hard to get where most of the other students were.

The things that have become most important to me during my high school years is friends. I feel that friends are important for a few reasons. Some of these reasons include having someone who you can trust, someone who you can share your problems with, people to hang out with, and most importantly someone who can cheer you up when your down. I have learned that you can’t trust everybody or even some people who you think are your friends. Also, I have been in situations were I had to question if a person was my true friend or not. My advice to others is if you find a good best friend keep them because they’re hard to find!

I would like to say that I have learned from many events in my life. I am content with me as a person and the things I have accomplished so far. I am proud of myself because I know that I could have made so many unwise decisions and I haven’t. I often look back or see old friends from middle school and almost all of them have at least one child. I always said that I was going to graduate high school and then go off to college. For some people this is just a dream, but soon it will be reality for me.

Soon I hope to be on my way to college hopefully in Florida. I will not be terribly unhappy if I do not get my wish because I know that I will make the best of any college I attend. I know I could not have made it this far without the love and support from family and friends especially my mom. I am proud of myself for the challenge’s I faced by coming to Nicolet. Last, but not least I would like to thank God because I know without him I would’ve made it this far.

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